Recycled Fibre

Jupiter's Recycling division sells recycled fibre (Waste Paper) to the paper industry. Our products are sourced mainly from Sri Lanka, U.S.A, Europe, and South Africa. Our primary customer focus lies in the southern states of India. Today, we are a well known supplier of recycled fibre and facilitate it's supply to almost every paper mill in south India. We have garnered a reputation of reliability, efficiency and a quality conscious supplier, an extremely rare distinction to achieve in such a commodity.

Product List
  • Double Sorted Old Corrugated Cartons
  • Old Corrugated Cartons
  • New Double Lined Kraft Cuttings
  • Plastic Window Envelopes
  • Magazine Trimmings
  • Over Issued Magazines
  • Over Issued News Paper
  • Old News Paper
  • Coated Book Stocks
  • Hard White Shavings
  • New Corrugated Cutting / Cartons
  • Pure White Cutting
  • Box Board Cutting
  • Sorted Office Paper
  • Printer’s Off Cut
  • Sack Kraft Sheets
  • Sack Kraft Cutting



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